Orchards Green Ely Parcels A & B


  • Northern area of parcel A D1 to be raised

These proposed residential developments comprise 198 new properties and associated parking.

Ingent Consulting Engineers have advised on the drainage strategy for the separate parcels of development, re-profiling and widening the existing ditch networks on site. This will provide sufficient attenuation to accommodate surface water run-off generated from a 1 in 100 year storm, with an allowance of 40% climatic change based on restricting run-off via multiple flow controls to Greenfield run-off rates.

Project features

  • Existing ditch features on site to be re-profiled and widened to provide very economic attenuation.

  • Northern area of Parcel A to be raised to ensure existing surface water outfall at south of Parcel A could be re used.

  • Extensive offsite ditch re-profiling to provide adequate surface water outfall depths for each parcel.

  • Specific permeable paving used on all private hardstanding to collect and clean surface water runoff.