Rayne Road, Braintree


  • Proposed site frontage reprofiling works prior to Platipus Anchors installation.

Proposed residential development of 127 new properties, with parking.

As the topography of the site is extremely steep, including large Anglian Water sewers running through it and a public right of way, the proposed adoptable roads had to be designed to maximum allowable gradients, complying with Essex County Council guidance.

The new surface water drainage network adopted by Anglian Water used a flow control chamber to restrict water from the site, with two attenuation basins designed with a surcharged outfall and providing capacity for a 1 in 100-year storm event as well as 40% climatic change.

Anglian Water kerb offset requirements were relaxed to allow for both foul and surface water sewers to be constructed either side of the existing sewers. The basins also had to be located to suit the position of the existing large sewer across the site.

The s278 works for the development involved having to widen an existing site frontage footway that was already being overtopped by an overgrown embankment. The existing embankments were so steep that to regrade them to suit the proposed footway works and achieve the proposed levels on site, specialist earthworks reinforcement designs by Platipus Anchors were required.

Project features

  • Section S278 site frontage footway widening involving existing embankment re profiling and reinforcement works including Platipus Anchors.

  • Water quality treatment for the surface water runoff from the site were provided by a low flow channel within the attenuation basin, planted with reeds and proposed swale downstream of proposed flow control connecting to existing watercourse.

  • Section 104 sewer designs required kerb offset relaxation to ensure the proposed sewers could run alongside existing large surface water sewers on site.

  • Section 185 sewer diversion was needed to suit the proposed levels on site for existing large Anglian Water surface water sewers.