Thetford Road, Watton


  • Cut off point Plots 37-38 to S104 network Plots 35-36 to soakaways

A proposed residential development consisting of 110 new properties and associated parking. The existing geology in the area meant infiltration devices could be used for the Northern part of the development although the existing ground water levels in the Southern section meant the Environment Agency buffer requirements to base of soakaways could not be achieved.

Ingent Consulting Engineers designed a more traditional drainage network to convey the surface water runoff to the existing ditch network.

Project features

  • Existing ditch features on Southern part of site modified to provide very economic attenuation to comply with Anglian Water newsletter February 2014 option 1

  • Private crate soakaways used on Northern part of site to drain roofs only

  • Highway crate soakaways located within public open space areas adopted by Norfolk County Council

  • Permeable paving used on all private hardstanding