Flood Risk Assessments 

From small to large sites, we have extensive technical knowledge to assess the risk of flooding on all types of developments, satisfying National Planning Practice Guidance requirements and Planning Authorities’ approvals.

Recent updates to the National Planning Policy Framework have increased the focus on surface water flooding, as well as fluvial. Ingent Engineers are experienced in advising on the impact and implications of this, as well as from tidal or river sources.

Assessing how future development can affect downstream surface water is of equal importance and we can suggest  practical and economical solutions to mitigate impact.

Using drainage design software and liaising closely with the relevant governing bodies, our comprehensive FRAs will address all likely issues including fluvial flooding, groundwater flooding, existing sewers, surface water flooding and infrastructure failure.

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Recent projects

Providing civil engineering expertise on urban redevelopments is an important area of Ingent’s expertise, in addition to its work on greenfield projects of all sizes.

Providing infrastructure design services for projects varying from small to large multi-phased developments is one of Ingent’s core services.

Ingent is very experienced in providing civil engineering design support for the planning and construction of educational establishments, both new-build and extended facilities.