Foundation Design

Foundation designs for residential and commercial developments can take many forms and there is no substitute for experience based interpretation of soils investigation. Between the limits of simple strip foundations and fully piled ground beams, lie options of ground improvement, vibro columns, rafts and pad and beam solutions.

At Ingent we will work with you to determine the foundation solutions that best suit your methods of working and programme of work.

There are often many factors that will determine the most economical design for your development and we are happy to explore them with you.

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Ingent Consulting Engineers designed a traditional drainage network to convey surface water runoff to the existing ditch network for the proposed residential development consisting of 110 new properties.

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Ingent Consulting Engineers have been involved with this 38ha greenfield site near Daventry during its progress to market, on behalf of the vendor.

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Orchards Green, Ely - drainage strategy

Proposed residential developments consisting of 198 new properties and associated parking.

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