Sustainable Drainage Systems

The use of SuDS is a requirement on developments to serve several functions. These include controlling runoff water rates and volumes to lower downstream flood risk, reducing pollutant concentrations, acting as a buffer for accidental spills to improve runoff water quality, enhancing the amenity value of the site and promoting biodiversity.

If incorporated from inception, SuDS schemes can offer a very economical drainage solution with added value and ecological benefits.

Our SuDS experience ranges from the use of private and adoptable permeable paving to wet and dry swales, infiltration and detention ponds and the use of landscaping to convey clean surface water. 

As well as designing SuDS for all scenarios, at Ingent we are also able to provide management and maintenance schemes for the construction and lifetime of the scheme. 

In order to ensure that SuDS schemes are working correctly, schemes, the planning permission often stipulates that the Contractor when appointed produces a Construction Surface Water Management Plan (CSWMP).  Ingent is able to provide support and design to contractors for these plans.

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Recent projects

Providing civil engineering expertise on urban redevelopments is an important area of Ingent’s expertise, in addition to its work on greenfield projects of all sizes.

Providing infrastructure design services for projects varying from small to large multi-phased developments is one of Ingent’s core services.

Ingent is very experienced in providing civil engineering design support for the planning and construction of educational establishments, both new-build and extended facilities.